Design, manufacture, supply, and commissioning of oil, gas, and petroleum products measurement systems.

The complete series of works on the APCS systems at the oil & gas production, treatment, transportation, and refining facilities.

Maintenance and servicing of measurement systems for crude hydrocarbons and petroleum products, measuring units, automation equipment and systems.

Metrological support for oil & gas industry.

Central Office

General director: Filipp Panebratets
Address: 24, 50-letiya Oktyabria street, Ufa, 450005, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (347) 279-88-99, 8-800-700-78-68
Fax: +7 (347) 228-80-98, +7 (347) 228-44-11

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JSC «Nefteavtomatika» -
is an engineering and production company specialized in the development and integration of automated process and production control, measurement, and IT systems for various industrial sectors.

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During the last five years the Company has completed more than 100 comprehensive projects, including design and estimate documentation development, equipment supply, commissioning, putting into operation, and subsequent support.

We offer a wide range of solutions for data transfer and industrial process automation systems, crude hydrocarbons, and petroleum products measurement systems as well as plant monitoring and enterprise management systems for the following sectors:

  • Oil & gas production and treatment;
  • Oil refining and petrochemical industry;
  • Oil & gas transportation;
  • Energy.

All our developments have stood the test of time and proved their capability and efficiency.

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