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Company background

The company's history goes back to the 1960-s – to the period of intensive growth of the USSR oil industry. The national oil fields experienced problems with automated control system integration, oil production efficiency improvement, and process management organization.

1968 – The national production association “Soyuznefteavtomatika” was established by the Oil Industry Minister's decree.

1978 – The Sectional Information and Computer Center was founded; it comprised of two ACS departments to develop control systems for the oil & gas production process and to address the Information Technology issues.

1985 – The association combines 8 trust companies and 15 installation and setup units located in all oil producing regions of the USSR, from Baku to Western Siberia and Sakhalin.

1986 – The research and production association “Nefteavtomatika” was established instead of the liquidated association “Soyuznefteavtomatika”. Its core structural unit was the Special Planning and Design Center (SPDC) the mission of which was to organize industrial processes in the most efficient way and to reduce the oil production losses at all oil fields in the USSR.

1988 – The automated control system Setup and Maintenance Center “Signal” (SMC “Signal”) established on the basis of “RPA Nefteavtomatika”, carries out commissioning works at the largest facility of that time – the Tenghiz oil field in Western Kazakhstan.

1990 – “RPA Nefteavtomatika” is a comprehensive research and production engineering complex performing a huge scope of works:

The key events of that time:

TODAY JSC “Nefteavtomatika” is an advanced engineering and production company having in possession the following resources: 

Moreover, among our Partners and Customers are large Russian oil companies (JSC “Transneft Co.”, JSC “Rosneft Oil Co.”, PJSC “Lukoil”, PJSC “Bashneft Oil Co.”, and PJSC “Tatneft”).