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Level gage U-1500M


This device is intended to monitor the level of various liquid products as well the interface of multi-fluids (oil, emulsion, water, etc.) identified by the position of the float gliding along the gage sensor.
The sphere of application covers tank farms, process vessels (bullets) at oil preparation, storage and processing facilities, main oil pumping stations, and tank farms for the storage of oil products, water, etc.
Level gage versions:

The gage is manufactured in two versions:

The gage has Ex ib IIB explosion safe implementation.

The gage working temperature range: from - 50°C to + 50°C

The level gage performs measurements with one or two independent sensors:

The measured results appear on the display, the data is transferred through an RS-485 interface, the current signal output 0 - 5, 0 - 20, 4 - 20 mA, sound and visual alarms, automatic control of communication lines and correct functioning of the gage.