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R&D and experimental development works

After implementation of experimental development works in 2012 the following new products and documents for their manufacture were developed in JSC "Nefteavtomatika":

1. Product: "NAFTA-PROVER" pipe piston prover (for flow rate 300 and 500 m3/h).
The manufactured experimental models of "NAFTA-PROVER" pipe piston provers have successfully passed the acceptance and certification tests. 

Based on the positive results of tests and expert analysis we obtained: 

An experimental model of "NAFTA-PROVER 300" pipe piston prover is operated by LLC Nobil Oil Company in Usinsk.

2. Product: "Switchboard and panel for autoclave control" with the program "Software for autoclave control". 

The manufactured experimental model has successfully passed the factory acceptance and field tests when installed on the ABTM 2000-6000-12.5 Autoclav produced by JSC "Kurganchimmash" for JSC "Altay-Koks" in Zarinsk.

 3. Program product: Software "ASMA-MP control" for equipment "Mass measurement unit ASMA-40-10-400-300 MP" (SU KASKAD 16M). 

The new program product, intended for use in equipment "Mass measurement unit ASMA-40-10-400-300 MP" (SU KASKAD 16M), 

has passed metrological certification. It resulted in obtaining the Metrological Certificate PO No. 01.00284-2010-042/04-2012. This software was transferred under a license agreement to LLC "SOZAiT" (Serafimovsky), the manufacturer of "Mass measurement unit ASMA-40-10-400-300 MP".