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Industrial safety systems

Fire safety issues are always important. The main purpose of the automatic fire suppression systems created by JSC "Nefteavtomatika" is the early detection and suppression of fires at various industrial facilities (including those with explosion hazardous zones), such as oil and petroleum product production, transportation, storage, and processing areas.

The project is developed individually, taking into account the particular operating conditions and the customer's requirements. The Company strictly observes the requirements for APCS safety and reliability, resistance to climate effects, and other characteristics.

Security and fire alarm systems represent a package of devices for the early detection of fire and unmotorized access to a restricted zone.

CCTV systems are installed to monitor critical places that must be monitored for the purpose of material assets safeguard, prevention of intrusions to the site, supervision of item handling, and observance of discipline by the employees. The CCTV system is also used to monitor the industrial processes.

All types of works are licensed. Warranties are provided for all works. The Company maintains warranty and post-warranty servicing of all installed systems.

Automated fire management system (AFMS)

Security, fire alarm, and CCTV systems