Automated fire management system (AFMS)

Early detection and the suppression of fires at various industrial facilities (including those with explosion hazardous zones), such as oil and petroleum product production, transportation, storage, and processing areas.



System specific features:

Proceeding from the experience of the creation of automated process control systems, JSC "Nefteavtomatika" has developed and certified the special fire controller KSP "Idel" on the basis of programmable logic controllers used in process control systems. This equipment allows for the implementation of a wide range of possibilities of fire detection and prevention at early stages and also makes it possible to control fire suppression systems of any type and complexity.

The system will automatically detect and confirm a fire at the facility, and trigger the fire extinguishing agent delivery to the fire zone. It will automatically control the fire suppression system activation and notify (if communication links are available) all appropriate emergency and rescue services. All these actions will be performed in fractions of a second, thus reducing the fire response time. The controller is able to perform its functions within 2 hours after a loss of power on the input.

The continuous registration of all events by the controller enables the user investigating the fire to know within approximately one second when the fire occurred, how the system responded, and what measures were immediately undertaken by the person(s) on duty, if the fire suppression system was not in automatic mode. This data can be stored in the controller for a long time and be copied from time to time to other carries and filed in the archive at the user's request.

All controller functions are repeatedly checked in the process of certification and scheduled tests in the Fire Safety Certification System at the Fire Safety Research Institute. JSC "Nefteavtomatika" has already put into operation dozens of such systems.