Security, fire alarm, and CCTV systems

The total safety level of a facility depends not only on using Hi-Tech systems, but also on the ability of those systems to exchange data in the common database, thus providing a higher protection level.

The safety systems (SS) which we design and supply provide comprehensive protection of a facility with a possibility of centralized multi-user control of the safety system functions, also in the autonomous mode.

SS are used for the protection and monitoring of geographically distributed industrial facilities. They can be integrated with earlier installed security systems.

Fire warning system

The fire warning (FW) system is the base element of the safety system in any enterprise. This is a complex package of technical devices used for the early detection of a fire in a protected area. The fire fighting system has the highest efficiency when it is used in combination with other safety systems in the room (security alarms, CCTV, and access control system (ACS).

The fire warning (FW) system consists of the following main components:

In the safety systems offered by JSC "Nefteavtomatika" the security alarms and fire alarms are integrated, as a rule, in one control panel. Such integration is called "security and fire alarms".

Control of vehicle access with identification of their number plates and appearance verification.

The vehicle access control system with identification and verification of number plates and vehicle appearance is designated for the automation of vehicles access and presence within the secured area.

The system checks whether the arrived vehicle is entered in the database. If it is registered and authorized for access, a command will be generated to open the boom barrier; otherwise the operator will have three options: to add the vehicle to the base, to open the barrier manually, or to refuse access. The entry fact and all actions of the operator will be registered in the log of events.
The program module for verification by vehicle appearance prevents manipulations with number plates. The vehicle image from the CCTV camera is compared with the photo of the vehicle supposed to have the identified number plate as per the database. In case of a discrepancy a warning is issued for the operator.

Access monitoring and control

An access monitoring and control system (AMCS) is installed at the checkpoint to differentiate the access for employees and for company visitors.
AMCS is intended to automate the access control procedures in the secured area and to log the staff working time, using the personal identification technologies. This system can control doors, wicket-gates, boom barriers, etc.

Perimeter security

The perimeter security system provides a comprehensive centralized long-range safeguard of the facility. It makes it possible to monitor the           approaches to the protected area.

Video monitoring of the territory

The CCTV system provides the safety of persons and material assets within the protected territory and monitors the process facilities.
The CCTV system can also identify potentially hazardous situations in automatic mode (e.g. presence of a man, fire, smoke, throwing items over the fence, left items, etc.) and sends an alarm signal to the operator together with the image from the fixed and rotating video cameras.

Central guard station

The safety and security system of JSC "Nefteavtomatika" allows for the integration of safety and security systems of different levels (video monitoring, access control, transducers, fire protection, etc.) into a single guard center with centralized situation control and possibility of operative interaction with the emergency services.

In this case even the largest protected facility will not require a large number of security staff.