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Our work with the Customer is not finished when the systems are put into operation.

Regardless of your decision, JSC "Nefteavtomatika" offers services for the maintenance of systems and automation equipment, warranty and post-warranty servicing of the equipment, software and hardware package, local automation systems, hydrocarbon measuring systems, and instruments & controls, automated process control systems, and automated dispatch control system in the oil production and oil refining industry.

The Company structure includes servicing units – setup departments located in the main oil and gas producing regions of the country:

Our team of highly skilled specialists will reduce the existing operational costs, stabilize equipment efficiency, improve product quality, and ensure safe operation due to the performance of scheduled pro-active works, inspections, and routine repairs.

The high quality is provided by the vast experience and professional skills of the maintenance personnel, advanced diagnostics, tests, and equipment repair, with the support on the part of leading national and international manufacturers of automated equipment.

The servicing activity of JSC "Nefteavtomatika" assumes a wide range of work of any complexity:

  1. MAINTENANCE – APCS, SIKN, SIKNP, SIKG, pipe piston provers, automated group measuring units, gas analyzers and alarms, heat and water metering stations and instruments.
  2. INSPECTION, REPAIR, VERIFICATION, CALIBRATION  of flow rate measurement instruments, auxiliary equipment instruments, flow rate calculators, measuring devices and controllers for metering stations, APCS, oil and petroleum product quality control instruments, process parameters control instruments, environment monitoring instruments, electrical and radio-technical parameters, frequency, and time measurement instruments.
  3. GRADUATION of surface and underground vessels, reservoirs and tank trucks for liquid oil products and food-stuffs applying both geometrical and volumetric methods.
  4. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR OF SAFETY INSTRUMENTS: fire alarms at industrial and welfare facilities; security alarms; facility video monitoring; automatic fire suppression systems; systems for control of vehicle access to the facilities through their number plate identification

Our units have all necessary means for effective implementation of their activity: